January 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wow here we are at the end of January and I wonder....where the heck did the month go?!

It was just a few weeks ago we said goodbye to Arielle, Sophie, Mom and Marc. Air and Soph moved to Oregon to pursue new horizons in school and life. Although we are coping with this change, we miss them all very much. Not a day goes by that Dallen doesn't ask to go see Sofee and Aweal. As for Mom and Marc, they are now both in Cali enjoying the sun. Huge changes to get used to, but I am excited for all of them to engage in their new chapters of life.

I feel this new year will hold much change for our family. I am still working with Channel Solutions full time, while Dallen attends daycare a block away. Meanwhile, David is still with NetDocuments and has stepped up at school from part time to full time. Attending every night of the week except the weekends. This is difficult as we most days don't see each other from 6am til after 10pm. This is all in hopes that staying on track will land him graduating this October. I am so proud of his accomplishments with his education. Over the last 2 years he has continuously been in school without stopping for even a semester. Not only has David continued to hold down a full time job, complete hours a day of homework, fit in time for his family, hold a calling in the church, start his own hockey group, and many other things, he has maintained a 3.90 GPA or higher, and been recognized on the Dean's List multiple times. This may sound easy to some, but for me, I am amazed and honored to be married to such a committed man.

This month I have been working with Marshall at my Dad's house. We have been cleaning and upgrading it to help it sell. We need it to go!! We have almost accomplished what we set out to do. As a few more items need to be checked off, I am getting anxious to see if the changes will attract more or less of a crowd.

Marshall and I have also gone back to Irish Dancing. Needless to say we love being back!! It is hard to leave something for so long and get back into it, but I am so glad we are doing it. After a month of attending classes receiving many aches, pains and sores, I am feeling better each week. Getting back into shape and feeling more energetic. Hopefully we can keep it up!

This month was filled to the brim with birthdays! Among th
em, Sophie turned 19, and David turned 26! We all had a lot of fun at David's party last weekend. He started out the day with a hockey game with the guys, though it didn't last long as the ice was more like slush, they had a great time. We then did cake and a movie with munchies at the house. David wanted to watch 2012, I am going to say it was interesting and leave it at that....:) Not too sure I would recommend it to anyone as I was trying not to laugh during their dramatic points. After the movie David and I enjoyed an evening together while Steve and Sarah took Dallen to a real hockey game. We went shopping for some new clothes for David including a new suit jacket for $24!!! We also went out to eat at Tucanos, mmmmmm love their food. All in all, in was a great day and David raved at how it was the best birthday ever. Thank you to all who helped to give him an awesome birthday.