Rorey (Wheezer)

This boy is an absolute joy to have around! He is all smiles, and plays baby to the book. We don't have throw up incidents, he sleeps 8-9 hours through the night, and takes well to a bottle. What more could I ask for? The past couple months have been a fantastic ride of change. Here are some pics of the little nugget.

Brother Time

Can you tell which is which?

Absolutely in love with these two!


Dallen is about to turn 4 here in a couple weeks, and I was thinking of some funny moments of late that we have had the privilege of experiencing. I wanted to write them down before I forget them, and then lost forever.

Conversation of Mr. D :

Dad getting ready for work - Dad "I'll stay at home, Dallen you go to work." Dallen "I can't drive your car to work, I'm too busy!"

Camping - Mom "Dallen you need to go to the bathroom before we go hiking." Dallen "Uhg Mom I just went last year!!"

Cousin Azure's Baptism - Primary Teacher was discussing "Princesses" entering into their Father's Kingdom. After cousin Addie shouts out "I'm a Princess!" followed by other girls shouting the same tag line, Dallen shouts out "I'm Optimus Prime!"

General Discussion - Everything ends with Tonight!
"Mom can we go to Arielle and Sophie's house tonight?"
"Mom can we color tonight?"
"Mom can we go golfing tonight?"

Answer to EVERYTHING - "I don't know Mom!"

With Preschool, Chores, Dance, Playtime, Church and being a Big Brother, Dallen is quite busy these days.