JuNe BuGs

Wow I need to catch up! It's June and I am so excited about the next few months! The summer is looking bright, as dance performances and summer activities fill our schedule. I hope we make it through with as little sunburn as possible. Of course this summer is going to be so much more fun than the last. Moving into our first house, and Dallen at Primary Children's for two weeks was not my idea of fun. We did get to wrap it up with Smithfest, so it turned out alright. But this summer has a lot of promise, and I can't wait! :)

Dance is becoming a new love in
my life. It is constantly on the brain, and I can feel it on about every other part of my body. Thank you to Aubree, Lisa and the gals who have pushed me, and put up with my dorky way of getting back in the groove of things. The Utah State Feis is in two weeks........wow I feel so under prepared. All in all though, I am so excited.

About 3 weeks ago I decided to finally get a bridge and 5 dental veneers on my upper 8 front teeth. I spent years and years in braces, and 5 years with an invisaline retainer holding a missing and peg lateral. Well, after my dentist started the filing process, he noticed how soft my enamel was from all the years of damage. He decided, (after I was numb mind you) to crown all the teeth! He did it for free which was a relief to me, but boy did I feel I made a mistake when I realized how much pain I was in after. I spent the next 48 hours drugged on lortab, losing work hours. Every night while I was wearing my temporary piece, I was having to take lortab to ease the pain and sensitivity. Well on Monday, I finally got the crowns and bridge placed and I absolutely love how it turned out. All these years I have been so self conscious every time I smile, and taking out my retainer every time I want to munch or eat anything has been a nightmare. The famous "Where's my teeth?!" statement is no more! Now the photos, especially the first one are not the best I would like to post. But for my before pic, it's pretty much all I have.

We had some visitors over the past few weeks. Mom and Marc came and stayed with us for about 2.5 weeks. It was so nice, as we suddenly noticed that we could go on a date night pretty much anytime we wanted! That our laundry was done daily and dinner almost each night we got home from work. Dave and I can't say enough, how much we appreciated all the help here at the house guys! Arielle and Sophie also surprised us with a visit for about 2 weeks. As our guest room was already taken, they were forced to sleep in with Dallen in his room. I don't blame them for heading over to Dad's. We had a fun couple weeks with the family all together again. While Mom and Marc were here, they helped us do a little yard work. Sprinklers were not something Dave or I were looking forward to fixing! So we had a few lessons, and enjoyed learning something new. Take a look at our new garden out front!