~October Owl

Getting a head start on the month! :) Yes, you are probably thinking "Why isn't this post in
ORANGE and BLACK?" Halloween is like a second religion in this family. Well I am taking this opportunity to share some of our family fun, as well as reflect on my best friend and companion in this world. Rather than focus on the holiday right now.

First of all I would like to let everyone know that Dallen is well, and growing strong...in the area of disobedience! The first few weeks home were like a dream. Now I am just like any mother with a two year old (3 on the 30th!). I am dealing with potty training, pen on the couch and walls, fascination with RED lipstick, running away from me in the parking lot, screaming in the store at the top of his lungs, an eating disorder for anything other than chicken nuggets and fries, favorite word is "NO", tantrums for things like not getting to wear the Buzz Lighyear shirt because it's dirty, mood swings, not listening, hitting, and the biggest one this month was swearing!! (Yes, now noting that the auto-repeat button doesn't shut off, movies that are watched must be limited to non-swearing and non-aggressive G rated movies.....insert tantrum here!) Moments of "Dallen" shine through in small insignificant moments of the day. Like "Thank you Mom for swings" after taking him to the park. Or the big hugs and "I luv you Mom" which is my favorite. Because Dave gets home so late, Dallen likes to fall asleep in my bed with me. He is such a cuddly boy! He loves to snuggle up and pet my hair to fall asleep. It's in these moments that I realize he is just going through a phase, and will grow out of this. I love him so much and enjoy watching him grow, even if it's in time out. :)

I have had an amazing year in dance. I haven't achieved some goals I would have hoped, but I have achieved a lot and I am proud of myself. It's hard to juggle family and personal dreams. I feel myself constantly battling the two. I want so much to find harmony between the two loves in my life. It's just a work in progress I suppose. With much accomplished this last summer, there is still much to do. Crossroads Feis is next Saturday (I will try to get times for those who wanted to come.) and the Oireachtas is only 7 weeks away!

Now on to the sweet nugget! My David. Oh how I love this man, he is so amazing to me in ways that cannot be expressed through a keyboard. I know that many people say things like this about their spouse's, but I often wonder how many people actually mean it. I look at our relationship and see a lot of strength. Strength from trials, and strength from trust in each other when Satan would have the better of us. I don't know a single person who would be reading this, who hasn't had great trials. When you overcome something that is laid before your feet, you can then choose to let it fester excuse in your favor, or you can use it to build yourself into a person of light and strength to others around you. David is one who I have personally seen overcome trials and mistakes, and turn them into beacons of change and personal empowerment for the betterment of himself and this family. I appreciate this about him more than anything else. It is an example to me daily, and gives me added belief that we will succeed though this life together. He is extremely funny, caring, helpful, smart, and stubborn! He is also an amazing father, I can't even tell you how good he is with kids. Watching him this last year in nursery was eye opening to say the least. But seeing him come home on the weekends and make no plans, to have time with Dallen is an example of the sacrifice he makes for the importance of being a good father. This month David graduates with his Bachelor of Science degree. We have been planning this for 5 years and now that it's happening it doesn't feel real. The thought of not having the laptop in the car everywhere we go on the weekends due to homework at the foot of our plans. As well as being able to see him everyday, rather than on the weekends. It will be such a big change, and I am so excited. We are contemplating an after graduate program, however real plans have not been in play. His work has tuition reimbursement that would cover the cost of a Master degree, we just aren't sure if we can commit to their terms and if we can even do anymore school at this point. I would love to see him finish to that level, but there are other aspects to consider right now. Anyway, getting back to the big deal! I am so unbelievably proud of David for this accomplishment. He has displayed incredible focus, dedication and intelligence throughout his curriculum. He has been recognized on the Dean's List, as well as on the High and Honor Rolls. He deserves to be recognized by those around him for reaching his goal and doing it well. So if you get the chance to call, text or facebook him give a shout out in congratulations! :)
I am posting a movie I made for his graduation gift. It has a lot of little inside jokes for David, so if you don't quite understand something, I apologize. (Things like the Matrix code due to becoming a programmer, and now his life revolves around code.) It was a ton of fun making it for him and he loves it, so I hope you all enjoy.