March Madness

Thursday, March 11, 2010

With change comes much stress! David started his new job on March 1st. Right from the start David realized how different it was going from a small company to a very large corporate company. He is excited to use the gym, trainers, cafeteria with free food, and free weekly massages. Among this excitement, he has really started to enjoy working with his new boss. Not only has he noted his high level of intelligence for his work and personal finances, but he seems extremely friendly. He has already played a game of soccer with him and took him out with the team to The Pie Pizzeria! Many may think that's not awe inspiring, but to us it's fantastic.

All aspects of David's job are a complete dream (except the 40 minute commute). However, the other area's of our life have been flipped upside down. Let's talk about our huge plan to have him graduate this fall. Well, he is currently attending the Orem campus and his job is in SLC. So he has an hour in rush hour traffic to drive from the north valley to the south valley. Headaches all around. Not only because of the gas cost, but because now we really don't have time to catch up on our day or see each other period for that matter. We both leave for work at 7:30am and he doesn't get home from school til 10:30pm. My weeks seem so much longer and harder.
Then we find out, to transfer him to the SLC campus as hoped, he will be in school till next March awaiting the classes he needs to roll around. Not likely going to happen so Orem is going to have to work.

David had a root canal on Monday. Talk about stress! He began feeling extreme pain on Saturday night. He took a ton of meds and no relief came. Sunday I went to the store and got some Orajel and after an hour that didn't help either. He finally called and spoke with his Dad and Sarah. Sarah wrote a prescription for some pain pills and an antibiotics in case of infection. That night he was still in a lot of pain and started throwing up every couple hours. Monday morning we scheduled an appointment for 10am. He threw up twice on his way over. Once there, the team was ready to go and got him right in. He was numbed up and they started drilling. I held his hand while I watched them do this insane procedure. Holy heck I hope I never have to do that. Anyway, while I was paying attention to David, our little nut was sneaking into my purse and stealing GUM! I had a brand new pack. Once David was about done, I finally headed into work for a half day. I got all the way into Provo and was 30 seconds from the daycare when Dallen starts vomiting! I pull my rear mirror down and see him throw up about 6 pieces of gum along with his breakfast. I turned the car around and drove home. I felt completely hopeless, trying to take care of my boys and figure out work. I was so frustrated with myself. Once I got home we all went up to our bed and while the boys zonked, I finished what work I needed to for the day. It was so sad how much pain David endured. Man you should see my house, what a friggin mess!

Jiggin' Shindig
Two and a half months has flown by fast, and the St. Patrick's Day Parade is on Saturday!! We are in the parade at 10am and on stage for the Siamsa at 11am. I am nervous and excited to get to perform. I know it will be great day. I just checked the weather and it will be snowing with a chance of rain! I just love Utah weather in the spring.