Well hello all! Man it's been a while. Things from October -January tend to get completely mushed into one big mess for us. So I apologize it's been forever. I will recap on how we finished out 2011.

October 30th was Dallen's 4th birthday. We celebrated by going to Cornbellies at Thanksgiving Point. Man it was a blast! I made his costume, he had a Batman cake and was overwhelmed with all of the activities they had. We laughed an enjoyed ourselves. It's hard to realize but he is as far from toddler and baby as it gets! He is all boy though and through "Dude"!

Mid-November I was able to visit with Amy, McKinley and Gabriella. I had a blast hanging out with her and the kids, going shopping, going to the movies and having good ole' girl time. 

It was so hard to leave early but by the end of the week, I flew with Marshall to LA for the Western Regional Oireachtas. Last year regionals were in Sacramento CA, I found out the morning we left that I was pregnant with Rorey! Well, in support of Marshall competing solos this year, I was able to go to Anaheim and help out the school where I could. It was amazing being there watching him compete. I also loved the fact that I was attending without the stress of having to compete myself. This left the gate open for new learning and time to be able to see anything I wanted to. I appreciate Aubree and Lisa helping me out with that accommodation. Marshall took 4th place and qualified for Nationals and Worlds. I was so proud of him, and bawled like a baby when he received his award on stage. We were able to fit in a trip to Disneyland! It was my first time going so I had to experience it to it's fullest potential. ;)


It was a flippin' blast! It was so great being out with Mike and Fran. We were out there for our cousin Kelly's wedding reception. Hanging with Preston was just like old times, and it was fun getting to know Jacob. We were appreciative for the hospitality from Mike and Fran, and her family for the Thanksgiving weekend. Congrats to Kelly and Jacob!

My baby sister Sophia moved in with us the first part of December. It was a feat getting her here, but thanks to some unexpected supporters she made it. It's been great having some extra helping hands of late, and we have been motivating each other like mad. 

We had an amazing holiday season making cookies, going to do fun activities and of course watching Dallen's excitement around Santa! It was the first year he clued into Santa and got all excited. Some of the best moments as a parent!

We welcomed the new year with open arms. 2011 was a fantastic year for the Smiths, and we look forward to 2012 being just as great.

Rorey has curly hair we have discovered! He really is the best baby I have ever seen. He is just mellow and adorable.

Dallen is doing well with his swimming, he can swim in the pool all on his own (with a life jacket of course). He is interested in what time it is, and the American Flag. He also just started his first official Irish Step Dance class.

David and I are doing well. We had our 6th anniversary the week before Christmas. We are finding our groove again with now having two kids, two jobs, dance, scouts, church, basketball, soccer and family. We have made new goals and are finding our way to them together. We found out this last week that I am not in the highest regards with my health. I am extremely low on B12, and will be receiving injections for the next 4 months. I find that odd considering I have been taking supplements since November, and they have a good source of B12. I also found that I have Hyperthyroidism. Though I have to wait til March to see an endocrinologist (since there is only one in Utah valley...lame), I don't know much on how bad off I really am. I just have the blood test results from my doctor, which are pretty bad. I feel like crap all the time though! Not gonna lie.....the past few weeks have been a nightmare. I have come to a realization that if I want to sleep for more than an hour at a time, it will have to be through medication. I have also started losing weight. I know with my new health goals from November, that should be a great thing. But losing weight fast while doing nothing, just makes you feel tired, shaky and wasted. It's hard to stay positive, but I am grateful for my husband who is my arm to lean on right now. I am sure with time, all of this will calm down and seem normal. I just look forward for the chance to grow stronger from all of this too.