Dallen is about to turn 4 here in a couple weeks, and I was thinking of some funny moments of late that we have had the privilege of experiencing. I wanted to write them down before I forget them, and then lost forever.

Conversation of Mr. D :

Dad getting ready for work - Dad "I'll stay at home, Dallen you go to work." Dallen "I can't drive your car to work, I'm too busy!"

Camping - Mom "Dallen you need to go to the bathroom before we go hiking." Dallen "Uhg Mom I just went last year!!"

Cousin Azure's Baptism - Primary Teacher was discussing "Princesses" entering into their Father's Kingdom. After cousin Addie shouts out "I'm a Princess!" followed by other girls shouting the same tag line, Dallen shouts out "I'm Optimus Prime!"

General Discussion - Everything ends with Tonight!
"Mom can we go to Arielle and Sophie's house tonight?"
"Mom can we color tonight?"
"Mom can we go golfing tonight?"

Answer to EVERYTHING - "I don't know Mom!"

With Preschool, Chores, Dance, Playtime, Church and being a Big Brother, Dallen is quite busy these days.


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