Well all my fans out there, I am sorry you have all had to wait two whole months to hear from me. Things probably seemed meaningless without my babble of less than inspiring nothings, and tear jerking jokes that only I laugh to. But that's OK, I like sharing my thoughts out loud, even if it is just to document my goings on. I am in my third week now of being at home. It has felt like so much longer! But I can say my house is getting cleaner, and I am absolutely loving Dallen more and more everyday. There is so much that goes on in his daily life at this age. I love that I am able to survey his growing day to day. He is so much smarter than I thought. I love when he starts singing to random songs I never knew he knew. I love when he comes and gives me a hug just to say "I luv you mom" I love when he gets into things, even if it is pen all over my couch cushions. I love everything about him, he is so amazing to me. The power in his little loving spirit, is a testimony to me. I feel more fulfilled from these last few weeks of tending him, than I have over the past few years of work. Nothing can compare to the fulfilment I feel from this new horizon of my life.

I feel like a memory from long ago is now continuing to grow. An ember of heat and warmth, that has been with me on my journey over the past few years. When I first had Dallen I wanted nothing more than to be a Mom all the time, and life sent me down a different path that was more treacherous and painful than I would have imagined. Now that I get to be with him again, I feel like I can continue to make that ember grow into a stong flame that will allow me to raise this child in the light of God, and hope he will learn from my example to follow a path of righteousness.

I am excited for the next few months. David's graduation in five weeks, Dallen's third birthday, the Crossroads feis, the Oireachtas, Thanksgiving with Mom our 5th Anniversary and hoping for even Calgary for Christmas are all approaching quickly. Trying to plan accordingly, but man this will be a busy and memorable last last 16 weeks of the year!


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