Ending A Large Chapter

I am so bad at updating everyone this year! There goes last year's resolution out the window. I have had a ton of things happen over the past few months which, if you don't read my FB then you are getting the short version. If you have questions or comments feel free to write me. My pregnancy brain is pretty bad this time, and I have a hard time remembering who I have updated or not.

Things I have been focusing on the past few months, other than being pregnant include:

Designing the interior of our house. Yes, every room has color and purpose instead of white storage clutter. I love my house now, and am at ease with the thought that I have the time to keep up on it.

I planted my front garden with a lot of flowers and new plants. I felt self accomplished, and it brought peace of mind for a few hours at least.

Dallen cut his hair twice in one week! The result was a full shave to level 1, the month before my dad's wedding. I was not a happy camper on that one.

Dallen was able to work on his sports skills in a preschool class close to our house. He learned more about each individual sport and how to be even more aggressive. ;)

David has been getting more into sports himself. He plays soccer 2-3 times a week at work, as well as time to time on the ward team. He also is trying to keep up with a more rigorous basketball team at work. With the minor injuries he comes home with, I hope he is having fun too! Sad note, a month ago was having to replace over $150 worth of sports clothes and shoes after his gym bag was stolen. I guess people who work at a health office, really dig sweaty used clothes and overly large shoes.

My Dad got remarried and we hosted his open house. It was great seeing old friends, family and having my sisters in from Oregon. It was a very cool day, but it was great being able to help on their big day.

Dallen and I were able to spend about two weeks up in Canada, visiting family and just having fun. We really enjoyed our time up there, and Dallen will hopefully have some more memories of the Smith acreage.

Our first big yard project....fixing the sprinkler system! Had to dig a 2 ft hole in our front yard to fix the valve between the city pipe and our yard pipe. The sucker had a hole the size of a grape in the side! Took us three weeks and by us I mean David, I just kept bugging him to do it. :)

We spent a week in Park City on vacation with Steve, Sarah and the Bonus Family. It was a complete blast and it was nice to escape our "on the go" life with fun, family and serenity. Park City is beautiful and it's been years since I have been up there. So grateful for that opportunity.

Dallen took swimming lessons over the last two weeks. He did a great job and definitely is less of a hazard at the pool. J/K! Now he has no FEAR at all! Mothering backfire 101: More experience at the pool means more guts at the pool. I will have my arms full with a baby and my legs tired from chasing after Dallen that's for sure.

We were able to host Amy and Val from Canada for a week. It was so much fun having them here, getting to visit more and interact with their two little munchkins. Dallen and McKinley are practically blood brothers now!

Dallen Irish Danced in the Tir Na nOg
at the Utah Feis last week! He did awesome, and was so proud of his medal.

User Error: Sprinkler system that was fixed last month is now completely busted! Probably because the new valve we installed is allowing too much pressure to the system. No idea what happened but after returning home from Park City our 6 zones are doing their own thing. Some will shut on but only manually, some have water pressure but still wont turn on. The whole thing is messed up so we are awaiting professional services to arrive at the end of the month. (Thanks in advance Mom and Marc hahaha!) Yard stuff is hard!

Well I think other than small to do's that's the bulk of anything and everything that's been going on at the Smith's. I know everyone is wanting info on the baby so now upon request here we go.

I have 3 weeks left! Saw the Dr. today and all is fine and dandy. Baby is head down and with a lot of movement and Braxton Hicks, we are looking at delivering a healthy baby boy very soon. Everything is as ready as can be for the arrival of this new baby. We are very excited and with each passing day, feel anxious with the anticipation of the changes he will bring.
I am glad but sad that I only have 3 more weeks. It is hard for me at times to think that it wont just be me and my little peanut Dallen anymore. It's been two pea's in a pod for some time now and the thought of how much will change makes me sad. I am excited that he will be experiencing new things as an older brother, and I know that I will be just as in love with #2 as I am with Dallen. But, it's really eye opening to hit the reality of it all. I can't wait to physically see how much Dallen has grown once I have #2 in my arms. I think David is "tickled pink" with the fact he will now have two sons.

With that I think I will finally reveal the name for #2...

Rorey Patrick Smith


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